Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

A highly effective and safe removal of a range of skin lesions. A consultation will need to be carried out to ensure client is suitable for treatment and to establish the correct treatment plan. All moles will need to be checked by your GP and be accompanied with a Dr's letter to support the removal of the mole.

  • ACP consultation £25
  • ACP consultation with patch test £50
  • Consultations redeemable on first treatment 


Milia - multiple £90 

Skin tags - 1-2 £90, 3-10 £150

Facial thread veins - £90

Blood spots - 1-2 £90, 3-10 £150

Spider Naevi - £90

Seborrheic Keratosis £150

Solar lentigo ( age spots) 1-2 £90, 3-10 £150

Mole reduction - from £150

Xanthomas - £160

Syringoma - £160

Sebaceous hyperplasia - multiple £150

Filiform wart - £150  



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With Natural Aesthetics and Beauty, it's not just about our advanced treatments – it's about you. When you come to me for treatment I will provide a full skin health consultation to talk with yourself about all your skin care concerns, and assess your skin myself, to determine the treatments that will work the best for you.

In this way you can make an informed choice about which treatments to have, and feel confident that they will have the effect you intend.

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